Are you suffering from arthritic pains, muscular discomfort, soft tissue or joint pains? Suffer no more! We stock a number of anti-inflammatory and arthritis pain relief products, from trusted brands including Voltaren, Deep Heat and Dencorub, at discounted prices.

  • Creams & Gels

    We have a wide range of anti inflammatory cream, deep heat cream, metsal cream and ozhealth arthritis cream.

    A similar style product, our gel’s range from Voltaren gel, Dencorub gel and many other products aimed for joint and muscle, aches, sprains and arthritis pain relief.

    Anti inflammatory creams and gels such as Voltaren gel are proven and approved methods of treating osteoarthritis and joint pains, providing topical anti inflammatory medication absorbed through your skin.

  • Tablets & Medication

    We also stock tablet form medication, from the same trusted brands like Voltaren, some that our Pharmacist will have to verify before purchasing (check out our simple terms and conditions by clicking on these products).

    Anti inflammatory medication is designed to reduce the swelling around injured or inflamed joints, muscles or ligaments. This helps to relieve pain and restrictions, and is effectively used for arthritis pain relief and much more.

    These are just a few examples from our inventory; so if you have a sports injury, suffer from any joint or muscular pain or are looking for arthritis pain relief, check out our large range of discounted products online.

With household names like Deep Heat, Dencorub and Voltaren products listed below recommended retail prices, you’ll be sure to find the relief you need, at a price you can afford.

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