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Non medicated relief of nasal congestion, sinus and headaches from young children to adults

FESS is a drug free saline solution with an alkaline Ph that provides relief for most forms of nasal congestion.

FESS thins nasal mucus, and moisturises dry nasal passages, making it easier for the nasal passages and sinus tissues to clear.

In addition, the alkaline Ph of FESS causes mucus to break down fast. This helps to normalise the Ph balance of the nasal passages quickly and improve breathing.

By clearing the nasal passages of excess mucus, FESS promotes mucociliary flow which is the body's natural cleansing system. When this clearing mechanism is impaired, it is usually associated with ailments such as sinusitus and bronchitis.

FESS for use by children and during pregnancy
As FESS is non-medicated, it can be used as often as needed without the worry of any harmful side effects. And because it's alcohol free, it will not sting or burn delicate nasal membranes. FESS is safe for use during pregnancy and wile breastfeeding.

FESS can also be used to treat blocked noses in children. A blocked noses means the child has to mouth breath which can result in a sore throat, sleeping difficulty and an increased incidence of middle ear infection. Regular use of FESS will increase Mucociliary flow helping children breathe easier, naturally.

For newborns and babies try fess little noses.

Can FESS be used with medical products?
If the nose is very congested, a pharmacy recommended decongestant spray will help "open up" the nasal cavity before applying FESS, and should be used 5 minutes prior to this. Please note that the medical nasal decongestant should not be used for more than a few days.

If you are taking steroids, simply use FESS 5-10 minutes before to thin and clear the mucus. The steroid works better when it is sprayed onto nasal membranes that have been cleaned by FESS. This allows the steroid to reach deeper into the nose and sinuses to maximise penetration of the medication.

FESS for post-operative care
After surgery there is a tendency for crusts of dried blood to irritate the sinus passages and to block the drainage of the sinuses. This can be prevented by the regular use of FESS in the post-operative period. Your Ear Nose and Throat surgeon will advise and instruct in the use of this product in the post-operative care

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