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Our extensive range of acne treatment products include all the most trusted brands like Clearasil, Neutrogena, Phisophex, Clean & Clear and many other well known, leading manufacturers of acne treatment.

With so many acne treatment products available and heavily discounted online, how do you know what’s the best acne treatment product is for you?

Different cases of acne require different acne treatments, and our range of discounted brands online ensures a product for every case.

Loosely speaking, acne is a skin condition affecting the oil glands at the base of the hair follicle, mainly prevalent on the face, neck and back, triggered by hormones often associated with puberty, and fuelled by uncleanliness.

For mild cases of acne in the form of blackheads and whiteheads generally on the face, caused by oily blockages of the pores, a cleansing topical face wash is the best acne treatment. All the major brands we stock such as Clearasil, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena and Bioré have acne treatment products like pore cleansing scrubs, deep pore cleansing strips and oil eliminating face wash.

More severe acne where the blockage has become infected may require a more potent acne treatment. Benzac and Phisophex are examples of products that contain bacteria fighting agents like benzoyl peroxide and triclosan. These acne treatment products are to be used more sparingly, to fight the infection at the root of more sever acne.

Whether your acne is mild or severe, 123 Chemist Online stocks acne treatment products for all stages, from trusted brands like Clearasil, Phisophex, Neutrogena, Benzac, Clean & Clear and Bioré.

We use our buying power to bring you these acne treatment products online at prices often well below the recommended retail price, to aid you on your quest for clean skin!

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