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* Predictable, overnight relief of constipation
* Flexible dosage
* Easy to take
* Discreet
* Practical form


* When taken at night, Dulcolax SP Drops provide relief the next morning.
* Allows for a tailored dosage to suit the individual needs.
* Dulcolax SP Drops can be dropped onto a spoon or taken with a glass of water.
* Tasteless, odourless, colourless.
* Dulcolax SP Drops provide practical administration for the elderly.

Active Ingredient: 7.5mg Sodium Picosulfate in each 1mL (approximately 15 drops).

Adults and Children over 10 years - Initially 10 drops at night. Increase up to 20 drops if required.
Children 4-10 years - 5-10 drops at night.
The use of Dulcolax SP Drops in children should be under medical advice.

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