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Every traveller knows how much better they feel when they stay hydrated, both in-flight and on arrival so it makes sense to drink plenty of fluids, but did you know your nose needs hydration too?

Many travellers, commuters or workers often get sick after being exposed to air-conditioning due to the lower humidity and temperatures weakening their nasal functioning. This means that when they arrive at their destination and are exposed to airborne viruses (such as the common cold), their nasal immunity is unable to fight the infection efficiently. 

That's where Flo Travel could jet set you on a healthier and happier journey. Flo Travel is a moisturising nasal spray with natural clinically-tested Carrageenan (red seaweed extract) and isotonic saline solution which: 

  • relieves nasal dryness
  • washes away germs and airborne irritants
  • helps protect your nasal immunity
  • shortens the duration and symptoms of colds*

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