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Little Eyes are gentle hypoallergenic wipes specially designed to help you gently cleanse the delicate area around your little one's eyes and between their eyelashes.

Eye infections such as conjunctivitis, blepharitis or a stye can result in your little one developing ocular secretions and eyelid crusting. Little Eyes are ideal for gently cleaning away the crusting and sticky residue from your little ones eyes and between the eyelashes.

Their unique embossed technology ensures every wipe is silky smooth but strong enough to work without breaking. Sterilized and preservative free, Little Eyes also moisturises and soothes this delicate area.
Tested and recommended by ophthalmologists and dermatologists, Little Eyes lets you wipe away their tears (and whatever else is there) without causing more.

Little Eyes can be used as both warm and cold compresses. To use Little Eyes as a warm compress place the entire sachet in a cup of warm water for a few minutes. Remove the sachet from the water, tear it open and unfold the wipe.

Each box contains 30 individually packaged wipes. Each wipe is packaged in a convenient sachet so you can trust that they are sterilized, clean, and easy to use. This means you can use each wipe until the expiry date printed on the sachet.

Choose Little Eyes:
* Alcohol, fragrance and preservative free
* pH balanced to match your child�s own tears
* Suitable from Day 1
* Use it as frequently as you need
* Use as a warm or cold compress
* Ophthalmologist and dermatologist recommended
* Contains 30 individually packaged wipes

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