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Important In formation - If you order 2 or more of this product for the same person it will be upgraded to a Prescription Medicine and you will be required to send prescription for your order.


The Combantrin brand is well established in many countries, especially Australia where it is the number one selling worm treatment.

Like the other worm treatments we sell at, combantrin chocolate squares is effective against pinworm/threadworm - the most common kind of worm infection. It will also kill the rare worms Roundworm and Hookworm in a single dose.

Combantrin Chocolate squares contain Pyrantel Embonate as the active ingredient, not mebendazole like most other worm treatments. Pyrantel works as a "neuro-muscular blocking agent" and paralyses worms until they are passed out in bowel motions.

If you are wanting a worm treatment for children, the chocolate squares are a great option - each box contains 24 chocolate squares which will treat approximately 2 adults and 2 children.


Who can use it?

This worm treatment can be used by adults and children. If you wish to treat a child under 1 year of age, we suggest you contact your doctor before beginning treatment. Likewise if you are pregnant.

If you suffer from an acute liver disease you should not use this product. Those with allergies to the ingredients should not take Combantrin Adult strength tablets.

Important: As worms are highly contagious, you need to ensure that your whole family or household takes the worm treatment, whether they have shown the symptoms of worms or not.


Combantrin Dosage

The dosage for combantrin can be calculated using the table below - both Adults and children should take one 100mg chocolate square for every 10kg of body weight.

The required amount of chocolate squares should be taken as a single dose, with liquid, after food.

Approx. Age* Weight Range No. of Squares
Below 1 year Consult your doctor
1-5 years 10-25kg 1-2
6-10 years 26-45kg 3-4
11-13 years 46-56kg 5
14-18 years 57-70kg 6
Adults Over 70kg 7
*Approx. Age is only a guide


How to Ensure You Get Free of Worms

Once you and your family have taken the correct dosage of combantrin chocolate squares you will also need to take the following steps to rid your home environment of worm eggs and prevent reinfection:

  • hotwash all bed linen and clothes (don't shake linen as it will spread the eggs)
  • vacuum the home thoroughly - especially around the bed, wash floors
  • keep fingernails short, wash hands and ensue your children do too, especially after going to the toilet
  • try and stop your children from sharing food and placing objects in their mouths


A Second dose of Combantrin may be Needed

All worm treatments only kill adult worms present in the gut at the time the medication is taken. They do not kill eggs or immature worms and will not protect you from contracting Pinworms/Threadworms if you are exposed to them again.

For that reason, it is a good idea to re-check for worms 2-4 weeks after the first dose to ensure a second dose is not required. This second dose will kill the remaining worms that were eggs at the time the first dose was taken.


Are there any Side Effects?

Please check the ingredient list below against any allergies before purchase/use. Side effects form Combantrin are unusual but can include diarrhea or abdominal pain. These are often only short term side effects and are possibly be related to the size of the threadworm infestation. See your doctor if the symptoms persist.


Each Combantrin chocolate square contains pyrantel embonate equivalent to 100mg pyrantel. Combantrin chocoloate squares are gluten free but contain lactose, sucrose, soy and artificial flavours. The chocolate squares are made from milk chocolate and therefore contain milk proteins and may contain traces of nuts.The appearance of the chocolate squares may alter slightly with storage but this does not affect the quality or effectiveness of the product. 

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