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Are you finding it hard to kick the habit? You’ve surely heard of brands like Nicabate and Nicorette patches, but never given it a go…? Good news: 123 Chemist Online makes it easy, and affordable to find quit smoking products online.

These days, we are all well aware of the dangerous health repercussions associated with smoking cigarettes, but that doesn’t necessarily make quitting any easier.

You don’t have to go cold turkey! We have a number of different quit smoking products available online to assist you in easing off the cigarettes, helping you kick addiction, and restore your health.


Nicotine patches are a quit smoking product designed to supply your body with a continuous steady flow of nicotine through your skin, to help manage your cravings. We stock all different strength patches to help you gradually reduce your cravings to nil, from the largest and most trusted brands: Nicabate, Nicorette, Nicotinell and Quit X.

Gums & Mints

Like patches, gums and mints containing nicotine help manage your cravings, reducing in strength until they’re gone. Our range of these quit smoking products include not only different styles and strengths, but also flavours, across the same dominant brands including Nicabate and Nicorette.

Sprays & Inhalers

These quit smoking products are designed to be orally inhaled, and we also stock a number of different strengths to help manage and reduce your cravings, all discounted online from recommended retail prices.

From Nicabate & Nicorette patches, to gums, mints, mouth strips, inhalers sprays and more, 123 Chemist Online stocks all the quit smoking products you need to assist you in turning over a new leaf!

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