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Blackmores P.C. 73 or Potassium Chloride is used to help remove congestion from the body through the lymphatic system. It may be used in conjunction with I.P. 82 to help relieve inflammation or infection in the first stages of colds/flu or fever. It is specifically used for any infection with a grey-white discharge such as mastitis or tonsillitis. It is also useful for any lymphatic congestion or conditions of tissue overgrowth such as cysts, fibroids, warts, swollen lymph nodes or cystic acne. Respiratory conditions with stringy white mucus such as bronchitis or asthma will also benefit from P.C. 73.

Potassium Chloride is involved in the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and as such it will assist in hypochlorhydria and other digestive upsets.

Physical Signs which may indicate a need for Potassium Chloride include mouth ulcers, a white or grey coating on the tongue or long and narrow nails which hump over at the end.

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