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Calcium Phosphate assists cell development and growth. Demand for this nutrient is increased during times of growth or rapic cell turnover such as growing children or teens, and even pregnancy. Calcium is required for bone health, foetal growth and development and lactation.

Calcium Phosphate also works on the nervous system and is essential for normal muscle and nerve functioning. It can help relieve muscle cramping including menstrual cramps or cramps which are made worse by cold conditions or pressure. It may assist in managing anxiety and irritability, especially in children. Other benefits for children include teething, slow or imperfect dentition and poor appetitie.

Finally, Calcium Phosphate is required for Red Blood Cell Production so it is useful in treating Anaemia (along with Iron Phosphate). It can assist people suffering from circulatory conditions which result in cold extremities.

Physical Signs which can indicate the requirement for Calcium Phosphate are small red spots on the tongue, white spots on the nails, horizontal ridges on the nails and peeling or flaking at the end of the nail.

Magnesium Phosphate is essential for energy production and normal nerve function including cramps, spasms and twitches. It may help relieve conditions that are associated with muscular tension such as tension headaches. It is also useful for treating Irritability (with Potassium Phosphate), Confusion, Insomnia, Weakness, Anxiety and tremors.

Magnesium Phosphate is also useful in relieveing Premenstrual symptoms including pain and cramping. It can also help relieve Colic in infants, Constipation (especially when associated with stress), inflammation in the airways and a spasmodic or congested cough.

Physical Signs which can indicate the need for Magnesium Phosphate include a tongue that quivers or shakes, clubbing of the fingers, short and very rounded nails or muscle/eye twitches.

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