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Loceryl® is a proven way to treat a fungal nail infection. Applied once a week to the affected nails, Loceryl® penetrates the nail to get to where the fungal infection lives.Loceryl® stops a fungal nail infection, allowing the new nail to grow back, healthy and strong.

Side Effects
As Loceryl® is applied directly onto the nails, it has few side effects. 

Amongst topical treatments (i.e. those applied externally), Loceryl® is the only once weekly product that effectively penetrates the nail. Because it is a lacquer, Loceryl® cannot be rubbed off. It holds the medication where it is needed in order to penetrate the nail plate.

Broad Spectrum
Loceryl® is a broad spectrum treatment. This means that Loceryl® is effective against a range of fungi that can infect nails (see dermatophytes, yeasts and moulds)4. Using a broad spectrum treatment could save both time and money.

Loceryl® is Cost Effective Therapy
Treated nails should grow back healthy, strong and free of infection but this does take time. While a finger nail can take on average 6-8 months to grow back, a large toe nail can take between 10-12 months. Loceryl® should be used once a week over this period. Treating one nail costs less than $1 per week.

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