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Invite 100% Pure Vitamin E Oil 30mL is a high potency formula ideal for the treatment and management of:
- Minor burns
- Dry cracked skin
- Scar tissue
- Skin rashes
- Irritations and abrasions
- Sunburn
- Nappy rash
- Stretch marks
- Helps protect against premature ageing.

Assists cellular regeneration helps nourish and protect new cell growth for dry and damaged skin and helps control skin ageing.

Can be applied directly to the skin or consumed orally.


Benefits can include:
- reducing the chance of scar tissue forming
- accelerates healing of burns, abrasions etc.
- helps heal bedsores, skin ulcers, old acne marks and other blemishes
- antioxidant properties protect cell membranes from damage
- helps prevent tight itching skin
- helps diminish stretch marks
- strengthens blood capillary walls
- strengthens weakened skin tissue
- protects against the visible signs of ageing
- assists the skin to repair
- helps the body make better use of oxygen
- helps protect the body cells from rancid fats
- helps make oxygen reserves go further
- prolongs the life of red blood cells
- helps protect against capillary breakdown and varicose veins
- reduces the occurrence of new wrinkles (slows down the ageing process of the skin).

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