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Goods news for all Australian women, at last a natural product that relieves symptoms experienced in the time leading up to and also during menopause.
Tested and studied to International guidelines for efficacy since 1956, Remifemin has shown effectiveness for up to 80% of users.

'This is wonderful news for all women who prefer a natural choice' explained Ita Buttrose. Ita Buttrose was first introduced to the product Remifemin, 3 years ago. 'I researched the studies and background of Remifemin and decided to give it a try. After 4 - 5 weeks I felt fantastic and back to my old self, I have stayed on Remifemin ever since.'

It gave me a lot of confidence to know it had been used successfully by millions of women in Germany and is used in over 30 countries across the world.'

Remifemin can also be useful for women in their mid thirties. Although well short of menopause for some women hormonal changes can still generate symptoms such as, anxiety, lack of energy, or irritability.

Referred to as the 'peri-menopausal' phase it is not unheard of for women to experience this phase as early as their mid to late thirties.

As Ita remarked, 'unfortunately in Australia far too many women believe that the main hormonal changes can only occur when you're in your fifties. How wrong can they be! Many women I know are commenting on how their daughters in their mid to late thirties are experiencing anxiety, feel lethargic or are 'snappy' at their partners or children all for no apparent reason. If they only knew they weren't the only ones, they are far from menopausal, it's just that their hormones are changing and a product like Remifemin can help immensely'.

Ita Buttrose also explained that the history of Remifemin was a major factor for her continued use. 'I had looked at other herbal treatments, but it was hard to go past a product with such a successful history. There are a lot of new products trying to take advantage of the market, yet they have no specific studies on their actual product to support their use. Many are just combinations thrown together.

To have been used and recommended worldwide for over 40 years shows that Remifemin has helped a lot of women. I know it's helped me. I'm more relaxed and I feel wonderful'.

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