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Especially developed for use on calluses. Contains fast acting medicated discs with time release action. The disc ensures only the specific problem area is treated, without affecting the surrounding skin. The Supersoft pads provide cushioning and protection. Especially suitable for sensitive skin.


Feet should be clean and dry. Remove disc and pad from backing paper. Place adhesive surface of medicated disc firmly over centre of callus and cover with pad. Repeat treatment daily until callus is easily removed.


Do not apply if the area around the callous is inflamed or if the skin is broken. Do not apply to healthy skin. NOT TO BE USED BY DIABETICS or in cases of severe circulatory disorders except following a Doctor's permission and recommendation. Children under the age of sixteen years should seek medical advice before use. Do not use continuously for more than two weeks except after medical advice. Discontinue use and remove dressing if excessive discomfort or irritation is experienced or if sensitivity develops.


Contains: 4 pads & 4 medicated discs.

Each medicated disc contains Salicylic Acid 38.01mg.

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