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Analgesics are medicines that provide temporary relief from pain, commonly recognised as large brand names like Nurofen, Panadol, Panadeine and Mersyndol, to name a few.

While these brand names may be very well known, the low prices we attach to these analgesics online are much less common.

Our range includes both ibuprofen and paracetamol based analgesics, for example:

  • Nurofen

    Nurofen is the leading analgesic brand in ibuprofen-based painkillers, which offers target relief to the specific sight of pain. Our stock includes general Nurofen tablets, Nurofen capsules, Nurofen specifically for back or neck pain, as well as liquid Nurofen for children, in a number of flavours.

  • Panadol

    Panadol is one of the worlds leading paracetamol-based painkillers, which works along the brain’s pain pathways, to temporarily block out pain around the body. We also stock many Panadol products, including Panadol tablets, dissolvable Panadol, Panadol Rapid, an extensive selection of Panadol children products, and Panadol suppositories.

  • Mersyndol

    Mersyndol combines both paracetamol painkilling agents, and antihistamine for calmative effects, to specifically help with tension related pain. Mersyndol, as well as some of our other advanced analgesics like Rafen Plus, require a Pharmacist to verify purchase – check out our easy and convenient terms and conditions.

With these and many many more painkillers or analgesic products available at our exclusive low prices online, there’s no reason to let pain stand in your way. We have analgesic products to aid each individual’s case of pain, to ensure you find the appropriate solution to your painful issue!

Find out exactly how much you can save at 123 Chemist Online!

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