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Recommended for:
Customers with under-eye wrinkles and crows feet.

Major Benefits:
General Information

Skin Doctors eyewrinkle is a superior lightweight under eye cream clinically proven to reduce the appearance of eye wrinkles in 28 days. 15ml.

Skin Doctors eyewrinkle is a superior lightweight under eye cream for wrinkles, fine lines and crows feet. Clinically proven to reduce in 28 days:

  • Wrinkle volume by up to 93.5%

  • Wrinkle depth by up to 71.4%

  • Wrinkle area by up to 77.8%

Helps to:

  1. Visibly improve the depth, circumference, area and volume of wrinkles

  2. Smoothe the skin around the delicate eye area

  3. Increase the moisture retention of the skin around the eye area

Recommended for:

  • Dehydrated skin and fine lines

  • Aged skin as treatment

  • Younger skin as preventative

Usage: Under and outer eye area. Process: After cleansing, dispense half a pump, size of a grain of rice, onto your ring finger. Gently pat around the under part of the eye, starting from the inside corner of the eye patting outwards. Apply any excess on the brow bone. Best results: Use morning and night. Use in conjunction with Skin Doctors™ SPF protection during the day and your choice of Skin Doctors™ moisturiser at night.

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