Compounding is the measuring, preparation, mixing, assembling, packaging and labelling of a drug - usually a prescription drug. Compounding has been a part of Pharmacy since the profession began, although in recent decades the use mass produced 'off the shelf' packaged drugs have been much more prevalent. The preference for 'off the shelf' drugs has been driven not only by scientific innovation but also by Government subsidy through the PBS system and by commercial consideration at most pharmacies.

Now 123 Chemist Online offers patients and their doctors the choice of custom-compounded and conventional medication - taking the time and trouble to establish what is the best medication regime for the patient.

Who Benefits from Compounding?

Custom compounded medication is made specifically for the individual needs of the patient. 123 Chemist Online custom compounded medication is ideal for patients who are unable to obtain suitable 'off the shelf' medication.

Perhaps the patient's doctor has prescribed a tailored dosage, or the patient prefers natural, bio-identical ingredients to synthetic, or the medication has been discontinued in the packaged form.

In most cases, the patient may choose whether the medication is prepared as a capsule, cream, gels, troche [lozenge], pessary or suppository.

Do I need a prescription? Yes

Many medicinal compounded products contain active ingredients requiring a doctor's prescription.

Pharmacists at 123 Chemist Online develop new compounded products all the time - some products are medicinal others cosmetic.

Feel free to send an enquiry to 123 Chemist Online - we are always happy to help.

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