What It Takes To Buy Drugs Safely Online

Date: 30th June 2016
Category: General

It is hard to buy a drug from an online pharmacy without thinking if the drug may end up doing you more harm than good. This does not come as a surprise given that nearly all consumers today who buy goods online seem to worry about safety. As it stands now, safety issues regarding prescription drugs bought online, the legality of transactions and the protection of your private or rather personal information cannot be easily guaranteed. That is exactly why one has to be extremely careful when buying drugs online. So just how should one go about buying drugs online? Read on to learn more.

TGA Approval

No drug can be sold in Australia without the approval of Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). To ensure the safety of all drugs, TGA requires that medications go through thorough clinical trials before they can be released into the market. Unfortunately, online pharmacies outside Australia are not bound by TGA rules. Worse still, drug manufacturers outside Australia are not bound by TGA rules.

Your best bet is to therefore stick to locally manufactured drugs that have the TGA’s approval.  Purchasing from rogue online pharmacies can easily mean that you end up consuming drugs that are contaminated, super potent, sub potent or counterfeit. Simply ensure that the online pharmacy you intend to buy drugs from is licensed to operate in Australia. You might also want to check if your doctor recommended the online drug store.

ACCC Accreditation

There are way too many rogue pharmacies that operate online illegally. That is exactly why it is important to obtain up to date information in the form of an updated physical address as well as the telephone number of the online pharmacy you wish to trade with. With that information you can easily obtain a report on the online pharmacy’s status from The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission which monitors and regulates trade practices in Australia. Avoid by all means buying anything from an online pharmacy that provides their email address as the only form or mode of communication.


This should be easy for you. The most competent online business always have several reviews from people who have had experiences with them. With that in mind, try to find out what people think about your desired online pharmacy. Several positive reviews can easily mean that the store is safe. Average and negative reviews on the other hand are always red flags, so keep away from such stores.

Be sure to read reviews made by people who have had firsthand experiences. In other words, make use of unsolicited reviews. The last thing you would want when using reviews to determine the reputation of your desired online store is relying on solicited reviews written by people who probably know nothing about the store aside from its website.

Privacy Policy

This should be the last item on your checklist. You certainly will want the peace of mind that the store you’re buying drugs from will protect your private personal information. Take a look at the privacy policy of the website you are buying drugs from. Then be on the lookout for the lock icon on the right hand side of the address bar on your browser. The icon signifies that you can make an online purchase without worrying about identity theft.

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