Compounding Medical And Nutritional Products For Autism Spectrum Disorder

Date: 16th June 2016
Category: General

The art and science of preparing personalized medication for a patient is referred to as compounding pharmacy. This means that the medication from compounding practice is precisely based on the prescription of a particular medical practitioner.

In this case, various ingredients that constitute the medicine are mixed together in the precise dosage form needed by a patient. This method is effective as it offers a chance to the compounding pharmacist to work together a prescriber and a patient with a view of making customized medication for treatment. Here is more to compounding medical and nutritional products.

Nutritional compounding

Just as in the case of personalized medication, compounding makes it possible to prepare personalized nutritional products. The customized nutritional formulae contains mineral, vitamins, herbal and nutritional ingredients. As such, it has gone a long way to make things easy for practitioners as they can deal with certain nutritional deficiencies by compounding the right nutritional product. Essentially, a person can get vital nutrients that may be missing in mass produced nutritional products.

Customization of medication and nutritional products

Essentially, a compounding pharmacists can work on a particular medication or nutritional product from scratch. This has made it possible to improve the ability of finding medical solutions to a particular condition. The following highlights customized preparations that are particularly effective for children suffering from autism spectrum disorder.


In this case, medication or supplements are pleasantly flavored in such away that easily entices a child into taking them as prescribed by a practitioner. This is because a palatable formulae is the most effective way for minimizing time wastage and enhancing compliance whenever you are giving a child medication.

Ridding excipients

There are a number of excipients that are associated with health problems. That means that there existence only leads to further problems. These include dyes, gluten, casein, lactose, alcohol, nuts, preservatives and the like. With compounding pharmacy, it is possible to entirely eliminate all these excipients and improve the health of your child by getting the right medication through online pharmacy.

Administration procedure

Preparations vary depending on how they are made. There are some options that are commercially available as only oral medications or injections. A child may be less compliant when it comes to taking tablets, capsules or even liquid medications. Luckily, compounding offers practical therapeutic options, which involve compounding of medicated lollipops, chocolates and gummy bears among others. These are much easier to offer to a child.

Dosage form

In some cases, a child can experience adverse effects when he takes commercial medications. Well, this should not worry you as there are numerous options available. It is possible to compound the needed drugs into various dosage forms that do not have adverse effects. These include medications such as transdermal creams (for easy massaging on skin), freezer pops, lollipop and gummy bears.

Unavailable medication

There are also cases where a certain type of medication may run out of stock or may even be discontinued owing to a number of reasons such as manufacturing concerns. With compounding medication, it is possible to get the required drug. A compounding pharmacist will simply obtain the required drug (as a pharmaceutical grade chemical) and prepare it for your child.

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