Top Five Reasons Why Pharmacy Compounding Is The Best Option

Date: 10th August 2016
Category: General

There are times when a patient is not in a position to take a drug that is commercially available or that he needs a medicine that has been discontinued for long; the licensed compounding pharmacist can easily recreate that medication. Compounding is a popular option because it offers a customized solution to the patients making it quite beneficial for the customers. Following are some of the top benefits of pharmacy compounding that depict how it can be really helpful for the patients in living a healthy life.

It allows access to the medicines that have been discontinued

When large manufacturers discontinue the production of a specific drug, it becomes hard for the patients to fill their prescriptions as they still need those medications. Under such a situation, compounding pharmacists play a very vital role in offering access to the medications that have been discontinued. They recreate the pharmaceutical-based ingredients and make sure that the patient gets all the critical care they need.

It offers an easy medication option to the patients


There are some medicines with unpleasant flavor that people find it hard to take. Since a compounding pharmacist can customize the prescription and make it from scratch, he can easily make it in the flavor that patient loves. This option becomes quite handy when dealing with patients like senior citizens or young children who refuse to take medicines because of their bad taste. Patients are grateful to the pharmacist once they get their medications in the form that is quite convenient to use and is easily available.

It offers alternative dosage forms

There are times when patients need medications in a different dosage form. For example, if the patient  finds it difficult to swallow a pill, he would prefer to have it in a pleasantly liquid form. Some medications can easily be compounded in a topical form-gel or cream making it possible for the medicine to reach the bloodstream through skin.

Allergy-free medicine is now possible

Sensitivity, allergy and patient’s intolerance of gluten, dyes or alcohol can lead to severe unpleasant reactions when taking a certain medicine. The commercially made medications may contain some ingredients that are not suitable for a patient because of sensitivities to these substances. Under such a situation, compounding pharmacists seem to be a blessing because they can come up with a formula that does not contain any offensive ingredient and the patient can easily get the right treatment.

It offers better services to the patients than conventional pharmacies

Compounding refers to giving top priority to the patient’s needs and requirements. The pharmacists discuss with patients the side effects they deal with and what sort of queries they have when they take the compounded medicine. Compounding niche offers patients a top class service that conventional pharmacies cannot even dream to provide. It lets the pharmacists use his extensive drug knowledge to assist the patient and come up with a unique treatment plan. They are able to offer treatments for some resistant maladies where conventional allopathic medicine has completely failed.

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