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Blackmores Bio C® Chewable may help reduce the severity and duration of colds. Vitamin C also assists with wound healing. 


Features and benefits

·          Free of artificial sweeteners

·          Great tasting, orange flavoured chewable vitamin C supplement suitable for the whole family

·          It is buffered with mineral ascorbates making it gentle on the stomach

·          Contains citrus bioflavonoids extract that increases the uptake and enhances the effect of vitamin C in the body 



Adults - Take 1 tablet twice daily with meals, or as professionally prescribed. At the early onset of symptoms the dose may be increased to 6 tablets per day.

Children 4-12 years - Take half a tablet twice daily with meals, or as professionally prescribed.

Under 4 years - Only as professionally prescribed.


Contraindications and cautions

·          Consult your healthcare professional before use if you have had renal calculi (kidney stones). Ascorbic acid may increase the risk of recurrence of calcium oxalate calculi

·          Always read the label. Use only as directed


Medicine interactions

·          Ascorbic acid may increase the absorption of aluminium. In kidney failure doses should be separated by at least 2 hours from doses of aluminium-containing preparations

Active ingredients per tablet

Ascorbic acid

200 mg

Sodium ascorbate

200 mg

Calcium ascorbate (Vitamin C 500 mg)

175 mg

Citrus bioflavonoids extract

10 mg


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