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AntiSnor Ring: Stop snoring today using drug free acupressure for the relief of snoring, sinus, restless sleep and insomnia.

For thousands of years Eastern Medicine has relied upon acupuncture and acupressure for the relief and cure of all sorts of ailments. In recent years Western Medical Practitioners have been forced to accept and acknowledge the validity of Eastern Medicine claims.

Only the 'original' Anti Snor Therapeutic Ring has the proven history of successful drug free treatment of snoring.


Anti Snor Ring Small - 16mm
Anti Snor Ring Medium - 18mm
Anti Snor Ring Large - 20mm
Anti Snor Ring Extra Large - 22mm

Measurements are approximate and indicate diameter of ring. Made from Sterling Silver, each ring can be adjusted smaller or larger. It is more preferable to enlarge for easier fitting.

How to use:
The totally adjustable AntiSnor Therapeutic Ring is worn on the small finger. The two pressure balls of the ring are on the underside of the finger, between the knuckle and the first joint. No drugs, annoying patches or sprays.

By targeting acupressure points that are connected to the heart meridian channel, from the small finger up to the ear, nose and throat, the AntiSnor Ring creates a calming effect.

Simply apply the AnitSnor Ring to the small left finger (the heart arm, recommended) and adjust the ring to a firm but gentle pressure.

Applied half an hour before bed, the AntiSnor Ring puts you into a calmer relaxed state, resulting in a more peaceful night sleep.

The AntiSnor Ring will allow you to achieve a quiet, peaceful night sleep free of snoring. You too can join the thousands of people worldwide who are now reaping the benefits of deep, restful sleep. (Not to exceed 12 hours per day.)

The result:
Wear AntiSnor Therapeutic Ring during sleeping hours (do not exceed 12 hours per day) to ensure a relaxed and more peaceful nights sleep and relief from snoring. Some people may notice results immediately, others can take two to three days.

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