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Maybe Baby Saliva Ovulation Tester

Maybe Baby is a simple, re-usable, and accurate ovulation predictor.

It is 98% accurate if used correctly, so you will be able to pinpoint when you ovulate, the time you are most likely to fall pregnant every cycle, with confidence.

Even better - you can use Maybe Baby again and again, so it's very cost-effective. Unlike many ovulation kits, Maybe Baby is not a urine tester which can only be used once. In fact, many happy mothers have used a single Maybe Baby for consecutive pregnancies!

Using Maybe Baby daily can help you build your own personal ovulation calendar and predict when you are most likely to fall pregnant every cycle.

And since it's only lipstick-sized, it's convenient as well! Your discreet and portable Maybe Baby can go anywhere with you.

How it works:
Maybe Baby is a mini microscope that helps you identify the fertile period in which you can fall pregnant. It works by identifying the patterns that occur in dried saliva caused by oestrogen levels increasing during the period around ovulation. As the saliva dries, high levels of oestrogen cause a fern-leaf pattern to develop and this pattern can be seen easily through the Maybe Baby microscope.

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