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  • Accurate: Crystal Clear Pregnancy Test is more than 99% accurate when used from the day your period is due.
  • Fast: Hold the absorbant sampler in your urine stream for 3-7 seconds and read the results after 3 minutes.
  • Easy: If two lines appear your result is positive (pregnant). If only one line appears your result is negative (not pregnant).
  • Crystal Clear Pregnancy Test can be used up to 4 days before your period is due. If testing before your due date please refer to enclosed instructions. Results are more accurate when testing on or after your due date. If you test before your period is due and get a 'Negative' result, there is still a chance that you may be pregnant.

How to Use:

  • When you are ready to begin testing open the foil pouch and remove the Test Stick.
  • With the tip pointing downwards, hold the Absorbent Tip in your urine stream for 3-7 seconds only.
  • After 3-7 seconds remove the Absorbent Tip from the urine. Take the cap off the handle and place it over the sampling end of the Test Stick.
  • Alternatively, you may wish to collect a sample of your urine in a clean, dry container and dip the Absorbent Tip in the urine for 15 seconds only. You should test your urine straight away.

Reading the test:

  • The result can be read at any time between 3 and 10 minutes. If there are two blue lines in the test window your result is 'Positive' (pregnant). One line may be fainter than the other.
  • If there is only one blue line in the test window, your result is 'Negative' (not pregnant).
  • After 10 minutes, the test stick should be discarded. If there are no blue lines in the test window, the test has not worked correctly. This may be because too much or too little urine has been used. You should test again using a new test, collecting your urine sample as described above in 'How to Use'.

If you are unsure of your results or your result is 'Negative' and pregnancy is still suspected, you should wait at least 3 days before testing again with a new test.

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