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Regaine for Men Extra Strength 1 Month (60mL)

Why choose Regaine?

  • Regaine is clinically proven to help slow or stop hereditary hair loss in up to 4 out of 5 people.
  • Some users will even grow new hair.
  • Regaine Extra Strength treatment may work in as little as 8 weeks of treatment
  • The active ingredient in Regaine is minoxidil, which has undergone extensive medical testing for safety and effectiveness.
  • It's thought that Minoxidil works by increasing the supply of blood and nutrients to the hair follicle. This helps strengthen existing hair and in some cases can stimulate secondary growth.

Do not apply Regaine to any part of the body but the scalp.

Do not take orally. The solution is designed for external use only.

Side Effects:

Because Regaine contains an alcohol base, a few users may experience skin irritation. This problem is usually temporary, but if it continues, stop using the product and seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist.

In very rare instances Regaine can cause other side effects. If you notice anything unusual, seek advice from your pharmacist or doctor.

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