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Each sachet contains: Macrogol 3350 6.563g; Sodium Chloride 175.4mg; Sodium Bicarbonate 89.3mg; Potassium Chloride 23.3mg.
Also contains potassium acesulfame.
Constipation: Adults: 2 sachets daily. May be increased up to 6 sachets daily if required. For chronic constipation the dose may be reduced to 1 sachet daily, according to individual response.
Not recommended for children below 12 years of age.

Faecal Impaction as diagnosed by a doctor: Children: see patient information leaflet.

Dissolve the contents of one sachet in 1/4 cup (about 60mL) of water then drink it.
Do not exceed the stated dose. Drink plently of water, and increase fibre in diet, except in cases of medication-induced constipation. Prolonged use of laxatives is undesirable and may lead to dependence. Movicol-Half should not be used for treatment of faecal impaction in children for more than 7 days. If symptoms persist, see your doctor.

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