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Made from the husk of natural psyllium seed, Metamucil works in the same way as high fibre foods. It provides the bulk to digested food which helps it move through the digestive tract at a normal rate. An increased intake of fibre in the diet every day helps promote a healthy digestive system.

Add the correct dosage (see Dosage table on pack) into an empty glass. Fill glass with at least 250mL of liquid. Stir briskly and drink promptly. If mixture thickens, add more liquid and stir. Drink plenty of water. New users: Start with 1 doses per day; gradually increase to 3 doses per day as necessary.

Psyllium Husk powder, Aspartame, Citric Acid, Sunset Yellow FCF Cl 15985, Artificial and Natural Orange Flavour, Maltodextrin. Each 5.9g provides less than 5mg Sodium. Metamucil contains no chemical stimulants.

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