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Are you looking at a red, irritated baby bottom? A baby with heat rash or nappy rash? The Billie Baby Bath Soak is a product that is ideal for sensitive, irritated skin.

Although initially developed for new born babies, this bath soak is popular with people of all ages. The combination of Australian goat's milk (known for its soothing, skin loving properties) is combined with colloidal oatmeal to produce a soak that is an ideal choice for nappy rash, heat rash or irritated skin.

Colloidal oatmeal is medically treated to help to moisturise the surface of dry, irritated skin and is reminiscent of the days when porridge baths for kids were popular. Now, relive the experience but with the added benefit of goat's milk.

Each tub makes AT LEAST 8 baby baths. Many mums have told us though that they get many more baths than that from a 120g tub

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