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Helping you to maintain muscle and bone strength

Blackmores Acti-Life Protein Powder Plus is a creamy, vanilla flavoured supplement that combines whey protein concentrate with Calcium and Vitamin D, helping you to maintain muscle and bone strength.

  • Maintain lean muscle
  • Maintain bone strength and density
  • Aid the absorption of calcium
  • Support healthy digestive function
Protein and calcium are nutrients essential for the health of our muscles and bones. Blackmores Acti-Life™ contains whey protein concentrate. Whey is a naturally complete protein which contains all the essential amino acids for adults. Protein containing essential amino acids is crucial for muscle health for people of all ages and when used in conjunction with exercise, assists with muscle growth. Whey also contains other compounds, such as lactoferrin, not present in soy. Combined with the bone building ingredients, calcium, magnesium plus vitamin D, it helps maintain healthy bones and muscles which are essential for agility and flexibility.

Serving size: Take 40 g (4 tablespoons) in 200 mL milk, water or juice daily.

Vanilla flavoured powder.

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