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Meno-eze Forte
Menopause begins when your ovaries start to slow their production of the sex hormones as the
female system ceases menses.This steady decline in hormone levels may cause an imbalance in
the female hormonal system that can change the way a woman feels. Symptoms of menopause
are many and varied but commonly include:
Hot Flushes
Mood Swings
Meno-eze Forte is the second generation of natural menopause relief formulas. This remarkable
supplement has been developed following recent, breakthrough research. Extensive studies have
highlighted women’s desire for a natural alternative such as Meno-eze Forte. This remarkable
super-strength, formula blends 9 potent herbs to assist in the relief of mood swings, irritability
and anxiety.
Active Ingredients
Meno-Eze Forte contains higher levels of Isoflavones, Dong Quai, Black Cohosh and Chaste
Tree Berry as well as including new menopause relief discoveries - Ginseng and Sage.
Meno-Eze Forte contains high amounts of the phytoestrogens known as isoflavones. Isoflavones
are considered the active ingredients responsible for the low incidence of menopausal
problems amongst Asian Women.
Red Clover
Also a rich source of isoflavones.The combination of Soy and Red Clover amounts to more than 40mg
of isoflavones, which is the therapeutic dosage needed to help in the relief of menopausal symptoms.
Black Cohosh
A powerful herbal medicine for menopausal symptoms used by medical practitioners in Europe
for over 50 years.
Dong Quai
In Asia Dong Quai is second only to ginseng in popular use.Dong Quai is traditionally used as a
woman’s tonic for menopause and PMS.
Licorice Root
Traditionally used as a tonic herb for the adrenal glands. The health of the adrenal glands is
important as these glands take over estrogen production during and after menopause.Used in
traditional Chinese medicine to harmonise and augment herbal formulas.
Wild Yam
A herb used by women worldwide for menopause.
Chaste Tree Berry
Popular European traditional medicine used as a female tonic to assist with symptoms of
hormonal imbalance caused by menopause.

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