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Fat Blaster Fat Magnet can aid:

* Weight loss and fat loss through the reduction of fat absorption and increased elimination of fat from the body

* Reduction of excess body fat

* Weight management

* Weight loss in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet and exercise program

* Increase your daily fibre intake for general wellbeing

Fat Blaster Fat Magnet is:
* Stimulant free
* Scientifically formulated

Each tablet contains:
* Chitosan 525mg
* Plantago Afra (Psyllium) Seed Husk equiv. dry 100mg
* Ascorbic acid (Vitamin D) 175mg

Adults: For weight loss, take 2 tablets, 30 minutes before each meal. For maximum fat loss, up to 4 tablets, 30 minutes before meals.

For maximum results, Fat Blaster Fat Magnet can be used in conjunction with Fat Blaster or Fat Blaster Max.

Fat Magnet should be taken at least one hour after medication as it may reduce the effect of other medication. Derived from seafood - people with seafood allergies should avoid this product.

How Fat Blaster Fat Magnet Works:
Fat Magnet contains a special natural fibre, which aids fat loss and weight loss by helping more fat pass through the digestive system.

Fat Magnet works with your body to aid with fat loss and weight loss without suppressing your appetite and without acting as a stimulant.

Scientifically Studied:
In vitro studies have shown that this special natural fibre is capable of trapping fat, so that it is unable to be absorbed and stored by the body.

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