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Totally Natural Products ErectOmax - Scientifically formulated Male Performance Formula.
May enhance:
  • Male libido
  • Sexual performance
  • Muscle mass and strength
  • Energy and stamina
Maintain healthy testosterone levels.

Healthy levels of testosterone are important for sexual heath

ErectOmax is a new powerful testosterone balancing formula specially developed to improve libido and to enhance sexual performance.

What is testosterone?
Men's bodies produce the hormone testosterone in their testes and it is the main sex hormone in their body. Testosterone is involved in the regulation of sexual drive and performance and helps build muscle strength. Unfortunately, studies have shown that testosterone levels naturally decline as men get older.

Healthy testosterone levels may increase sexual performance
Maintaining healthy levels of useable testosterone in your body is important. Ageing in men involves a series of hormonal and biochemical changes which may down regulate the ability to initiate the body's testosterone production. Depleted levels of testosterone may lead to a loss of libido and reduced sexual arousal and sensation. If testosterone levels are healthy and balanced however, men may have their feelings of vitality and drive increased.

Scientifically developed testosterone balancing formula
ErectOmax is a scientifically developed testosterone balancing formula made up of a special combination of high potency herbs and nutrients. ErectOmax contains Testofen which is a patented ingredient with the active components needed by your body to maintain healthy levels of testosterone.

ErectOmax contains Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 which may help maintain healthy free and total testosterone levels and also increase muscle strength.

Zinc also improves your libido

Zinc is vital for a man's sexual health. A Zinc deficiency may cause an imbalance of testosterone levels in your body. A Zinc deficiency may interfere with sexual function and be responsible for a loss of libido. Studies in men have shown that a restriction of Zinc intake causes a depletion of testosterone in the body.

Free up natural testosterone

ErectOmax also contains Urtica dioica and Avena sativa which may block Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) from attaching to testosterone. If SHBG attaches to testosterone it virtually stops the biological activity of the testosterone, making it unusable. Also, as SHBG levels increase with age, the older a person is, the more unusable testosterone they may have in their body.

Natural aphrodisiac increases sexual desire
ErectOmax also contains Dulacia inopiflora (Potency Wood), a potent natural aphrodisiac. Potency Wood may enhance your sexual performance and desire whist stimulating sexual function. Avena sativa may also assist with sexual health and has the ability to increase performance capacity due to its rich polysaccharide composition. If you want to maintain healthy levels of testosterone in your body ErectOmax may be just what you need.

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