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Centrum Select 50+ has been specially adjusted to supplement the changing needs of men and women over 50 years. Compared to regular Centrum, it contains increased levels of selected vitamins and minerals such as B group vitamins, folic acid, Vitamin E and C. Centrum is complete from A to Zinc.


Take one tablet daily, in the morning. Take with or after food.


Always read the label. Use only as directed. Vitamins should not replace a balanced diet.


Each tablet contains:

Betacarotene 2.4mg; Retinyl Acetate (Vitamin A) 1,333IU; Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) 5mcg; dl-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) 17.9mg; Thiamine Nitrate (Vitamin B1) 2.6mg; Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 2.4mg; Nicotinamide 18mg; Calcium Pantothenate 6.5mg; Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6) 3.65mg; Folic Acid 300mcg; Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) 3mcg; Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 120mg; Biotin (Vitamin H) 150mcg; Phytomenadione (Vitamin K1) 32mcg; Iron (as Ferrous Fumarate) 3.5mg; Calcium (as Phosphate) 162mg; Magnesium (as Oxide) 100mg; Zinc (as Oxide) 5mg; Iodine (as Potassium Iodide) 100mcg; Potassium (as Sulfate) 40mg; Copper (as Oxide) 1mg; Chromium (as Chromic Chloride) 60mcg; Manganese (as Sulfate) 1mg; Phosphorus (as Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate) 125mg; Selenium (as Sodium Selenate) 25mcg.

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