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Introducing stage 2 of your skin resurfacing program. Gamma Hydroxy Forte is an ultra concentrated formula for use after you have prepared the skin for a minimum of three months with the original Gamma Hydroxy cream. This Forte formula is especially designed for more spectacular resurfacing results on the apperance of wrinkles, pores, sun damage, pigmentation, discolouration, acne scarring, surgical scarring, even stretch marks.

Gamma Hydroxy Forte is a  blend of concentrated alpha and beta hydroxy acids with maximum cosmeceutical strength retinol. This high potency mix allows resurfacing, helping to remove the dull lifeless, top layer of skin and complement your natural skin renewal process 24 hours a day!

Works to give a fresher appearance after the very first application with extensive skin resurfacing occuring between 8 and 12 weeks' time.


Apply a thin, even layer of Gamma Forte over your face. Gamma Hydroxy Forte can be applied twice daily for 24 hours a day skin resurfacing.


Gamma Hydroxy Forte is a truly powerful skin resurfacer. It must only ever be used as stage 2 of your wrinkle smoothing program. If you have not experienced the power of resurfacing before use original Gamma Hydroxy formula for 3 months before trying the forte formula. Thoroughly clean face and pat dry

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